Finding a good house cleaning service can be quite challenging due to the multiple choices available out there. You just don’t know the right cleaning service or individual to trust with your house. On the other hand, we both know that hiring a house cleaning service is no longer an option today. It’s not even a luxury. It has become one of those necessities every homeowner needs every other day.

There are many companies offering house cleaning services. It’s not easy to find the right cleaning service especially with the increased number of house cleaning companies that end up scamming people. Furthermore, you’re getting a complete stranger to come into your house including your private areas of your home. Here are some guidelines to help you find the right house cleaner for the job.

Is the House Cleaning Company Bonded and Insured?

A professional cleaning service company should have a liability insurance and bond for your peace of mind. This will protect you in case of any damage of property or if anything gets lost within your home. That means you’ll have nothing to worry about as far as the security of your belongings is concerned. It’s also important for you to inform the house cleaner about anything in your home that may need attention during the cleaning service.

How long have they been in Business?

It’s not recommended to work with a brand-new cleaning company. Ask them about their experience in home cleaning business and the period within which they have been around. You may also consider finding out how long their cleaning staff have been with the company. A reputable cleaning service conducts background checks on their staff members. These are fundamental things to consider as they will ensure your safety and that of your home. Don’t forget you’re allowing strangers into your home.

Find out how they set their rates

Whether they charge for every project or have an hourly rate, ask the cleaning service how they set their rates. They should provide you with an estimate especially the time needed to clean your home. Consider putting a cap or rather limiting the duration within which the cleaners should be in your home. This will help you save money and avoid unwanted costs.

Do they carry worker’s compensation?

As the homeowner, you shouldn’t be liable in case of any accident and injury to one of their employees. To stay safe, hire a company that provides their cleaners with worker’s compensation.

Do they bring cleaning equipment and supplies?

First of all, make sure you understand the difference between environmentally friendly and the conventional cleaning products. You should be able to distinguish the two beforehand. There are cleaning companies that only bring cleaning equipment while the homeowner is expected to provide cleaning supplies. Others will bring both. Find out in advance so that you can plan well.

What Services are included?

Finding out the different services included in the company’s visit will help you plan accordingly. It’s also important that you also inform the cleaning service about the things you want to take care of during the cleaning service. If you only want them to take care of window-washing, floor scrubbing or any other area, inform then so that you’re given the right costing for the service.