family carpet

The type of carpet to choose for your home is a very hard decision. You need to consider style and color and of course the cost of the carpet and installation. You also want to learn how durable the carpet is and how easy it is to clean and maintain.

All of these factors are based on the fiber the carpet is made of. Today’s post will explain each type of carpet fiber and the pros and cons of each:


The most popular type of carpet for home’s in 2017 is nylon carpet. There are several reasons why homeowners in Valencia love nylon. Nylon is the most versatile carpet fiber available for purchase in your home. That is because nylon is both soft and stylish which means it is suitable for all of the different rooms in your home due to both its texture and style.

Another benefit of nylon carpet is that it is one of the most durable and resilient carpet fibers available. This means the carpet can withstand a lot of foot traffic and wear and tear before it starts to show signs of fading, discoloration or dirtiness. The fiber itself isn’t naturally stain-resistant but it is often manufactured with a stain-guard to repel liquid and solid stains.

Routine vacuuming and a yearly carpet cleaning appointment from Healthy Choice Chem-Dry for deep cleaning should be enough to maintain nylon carpet for well over 10 years and the cost is relatively affordable when compared to natural carpet fibers such as wool.


Triexta is a hybrid of polyester and nylon. Triexta is a synthetic carpet fiber that offers the stain-resistance of polyester and the durability of nylon. This type of carpet fiber is also very soft and features luxurious textures. You will come to find that triexta is often slightly more expensive than nylon but overall still a good value due to the fact the carpet should last in your home for 10 years or more.


Polyester carpet is the cheapest of all carpet fibers. The benefits of polyester include its striking colors and its natural stain-resistance but unfortunately it is not very durable. You might save money in the initial purchase and installation of polyester carpet but you also might need to replace it sooner as it will wear down fast from traffic and dirt. We recommend installing polyester carpet in bedrooms and rooms that do not receive as much traffic. Do not install polyester in hallways or entryways of your home.


The best type of carpet fiber for stain-resistance and resistance to fading and discoloration is polypropylene. We recommend polypropylene for rooms with a lot of sunlight or rooms like a dining room where there isn’t a lot of direct traffic but there could be a chance for liquid stains.


Types of natural carpet fibers include wool, jute, sisal and sea grass. Natural fibers are eco-friendly and sustainable and often beautiful. However, natural fibers are the most expensive and have no stain-resistant properties. You will want to be very careful with a natural carpet and want to vacuum and schedule carpet cleaning often to ensure it maintains its beauty and resiliency.

You can see there are several types of carpet fibers to choose from. We are partial to nylon carpet as it provides the best combination of style, durability and affordability and can last 10 years or more if cared for properly.